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Ekim - Aralık 2019


Through sub, we have gained new experiences and reflexes in terms of creating ‘space-based events’. We began to experience forms of openness as we explored the dynamics of acting together.


Developed organically around a motivation created by İlayda Tunca, Ezgi Yurteri and Melih Aydemir and formed through the participation of Sebastiano Pala, bilemezsin, Emin Yu, Zeynep Beler and Cem Örgen, the initiative produced a series of public space installations during September and October.


By taking the city as a space of its time, beyond a pre-constructed conceptual framework or plan, we aimed to experiment with random structures and to produce, relate, and make sense reflexively.


We witnessed the deconstruction between ‘memory’ and ‘the public’ while observing the ongoing changes in Turkey; the reconfiguration of names, dates, places, and transformation of the collective memory and thus the public opinion, particularly in Istanbul.


While exploring the possibilities of public involvement and re-reading the city through discoveries in Balat, Moda Coast and Büyükada, we can speak of a motivation that arose from the need to stretch the assertion of art, structures of institutions and forms of display.


We have created a dispersed movement by interrupting and expanding the structural forms, and intervened with the city. The works were produced with a possibility of a fragile return by ’leaving up’, then settled into the city, clung, stuck and left behind.

Eylül - Ekim 2019

With the mediation of Ezgi Yurteri, Sebastiano Lorenzo Pala, the August guest of sub, produced “Day Off”, performance, video-collage and sound installation, which explored tourist-normative structures in real and imaginary panoramas through the concepts of leisure and consumption. Following an open studio at sub and public space performance in Çanakkale on September 6-7, Sebastiano moved his work to Moda Coastal Park, Istanbul.


bilemezsin, as part of its collaboration with sub, collected ‘shitty drawings’ through an open call and used sub’s floor as their exhibition space on September 11. Afterwards, in Balat, Istanbul, the place it held onto was an iron structure in one of the pockets on the coastal road covered with sheet metal due to the elevation difference and ‘risk of falling’. Referring to a strange layer between the private and the public, this space, created entirely within security measures, was taken as a medium, and the paintings collected through the open call placed there.

​Büyükada (Prinkipo) based artists Emin Yu and Zeynep Beler also joined the initiative and produced installations in two different locations that were accessible through guiding stickers with QR codes placed on the island.


On September 27, Emin Yu placed “ΘbjΣcτsσuηdgræiΠ / græiΠsεsΘbjΣ”, a solar-powered, 3D-printed sound object produced in collaboration with Barış Arı, on a walkway at the heights of the island. We lost Graein on October 9 - which had no specific end date and could be heard as long as the sound box was working (we suspect that it may have been picked up by someone).


The sound is accessible from here, earphone is recommended. 


Cem Örgen created a narrative that can be seen only on the Internet, “It Flashed, I Turned Away”. While the place and end date of the work is indeterminate, live broadcasts accompanied the narrative for five days following the publication of the website. 


The installation was left where it was. Recently, we heard that the poem, scratched into the tree, was stabbed.

On October 1, Zeynep Beler placed “Patches” on the skeleton of an unknown single-storey structure at the far end of the island. She took the structure as an interface and installed patches; cryptic bites and plastic litter as an offering. Though damaged, the installation continues to hold onto the structure.

8.An Acrid Slit Comes Down From The Sky.

Meanwhile, in the beginning of September, Hazal Sipahi made a presentation titled “Intervention into the City through Art” within the scope of İzmir Culture Platform Initiative (IKPG) Summer School 2019, focusing on encouraging commutual production and developing models through workshops and presentations. Examining the intervention of art into the city via examples ranging from the public to the personal, Hazal talked about sub as an attempt at interference in Çanakkale by creating space for contemporary art. While examples of intervention, public and street art from Turkey and the world were discussed, sub’s past, ongoing and future works were evaluated with the participants of the Summer School.


At the same time, İlayda Tunca was at Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris as part of the guest program of the “Be Mobile – Create Together!” project and made an open studio about the present culture and art scene in Turkey and positioning outside the center, taking sub within the context of realized and upcoming projects.

Through these events, while exuberating from its space, sub acts as an ‘stationary actuator’.


The initiative suggests a flexible and expandable space, by which the artists come together and form the production processes and the exhibition condition by its own movement.


Responding to an indistinct moment without concern for permanence, sub generates with this proposal transferable and transforming discourses that create their meaning and context together with the space they are settled in, taking them beyond exhibiting a context created within institutional structures in sterilized spaces.


Thus it integrates and articulates itself from the outside and creates an opportunity to speak to all other dynamics that share the era and map the city.

“It’s not a question of being against the institution: We are the institution. It’s a question of what kind of institution we are, what kind of values we institutionalize, what forms of practice we reward, and what kinds of rewards we aspire to.” (Andrea Fraser, From the Critique of Institutions to an Institution of Critique, Artforum, September 2005)

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Basel Abbas ve

Ruanne Abou-Rahme,
Hera Büyüktaşcıyan, 

Vajiko Chachkhiani, 

Lara Ögel, Ahmet Öğüt,

Hale Tenger, ve 

Theo Triantafyllidis ile

Hale Tenger, still, Under, 2019, courtesy Green Art Gallery, Dubai; Galeri Nev, Istanbul; Alserkal Arts Foundation, Dubai; Protocinema, Istanbul, New York

Zehra Nazlı (Ankara) ve Fatemeh Kazemi (Tahran)

Meadows and Mountains

Guest Programme 1-17/6.2019

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 1.23.51 AM.png

Zehra Nazlı, Fatemeh Kazemi:

Açık Mutfak:Piknik

8 Haziran 2019






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Nergiz Yeşil




New skin for the old ceremony

Melih Kıraç 

Kamola Rashidova






Exhibition / Performance

Delal Kazıcı


Mertcan Mert​ & Enes Alba

Beril Evlimoğlu



Martin Kellet

Kıvanç Sert

Hilal Bozok

Özgürcan Taşçı

Rümeysa Şen

Ömer Akif Yeldan

Hilal Can

Volkan Şenozan

Ayçesu Duran

Sarah Drath

Merve Vural

Ece Ezer

Kadir Kayserilioğlu

Kerem Paspal

Elif Büyükdeğerli

Yunus Ak 

Eren Burhan 

Selver Yıldırım

Emin Yu

Ryan Josey

Aurelien Potier

Özgenur Geris ve

Uğur Bişirici


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