Taking its first steps in 2016, bilemezsin’s starting point was a reflex of sweeping under the carpet. Swelled as swept, exuberated as swelled. Eventually turned into a medium where we accumulated drawings that we call ‘shitty’, but value too much to throw in trash. And the incompletes merged.

Over the past three years, we’ve published hundreds of garbage works anonymously. We wanted the pictures you didn’t feel satisfied to become shareable without worrying. Most of the time, we came across works that we couldn’t call garbage, lousy or half; but stories that are laid out frankly in front of us. At the moment when we got stuck while trying to reach the comfort of being full, we realized there was no end to the beginning, we set aside worrying and plunged into the spell of the never-ending. We went after those left halfway.


Because we know that the incomplete is always the one with possibility.


Maybe wrinkled and thrown away, maybe framed and hung on the wall. We wanted to open a small door to this moment of dilemma and to ask a new question of ‘value’ together with sub.


We collected hundreds of garbage works through our open call. The first exhibition will be at sub on September 11. 


On September 15, sub and bilemezsin will be in Istanbul for a public installation in Mürselpaşa Caddesi, Balat, clinging to a space in one of the pockets on the coastal road covered with metal due to the difference of ground and ‘risk of falling’, referring to a layer between private and public, taking this as the medium.




Balat, Mürselpaşa Cd. No:43, 34087 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey

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Sosyal Medya


sub's supported under SAHA Association's ''Art Initiatives Sustainability Fund 2019 - 2020''

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