on 'Meadows and Mountains'

by Zehra Nazlı

We describe this project as a collective production process that we started in Iran and developed through our two-week guest program at sub, in which plastic, transparent material stretches on both sides and rises above artificial meadows, resembling curtains, overlapped and reflected to the audience as landscape pieces. We worked on a painting-installation with a sense of landscape depth through multiple layers. These layers are in the form of landscapes shaped by painting and improvisation to create an unfinished, artificial sense of nature. Actions such as cutting, breaking, inserting, and removing expand the form. The internal capacity of the form becomes inseparable from the rendering process. These accumulated forms are pictorial shutters or triggers that evoke an aesthetic reaction, constantly evolving and unpredictable, opening the process to the viewer. Differences arising from our individual identities and cultural backgrounds have directly affected our production process. Shaped by different styles of thinking, living and working, we tried to feed the potential of creation by taking advantage of these differences. This aspect, which is the main element of the project, has eroded our identities and enabled us to create a new identity process. While working together we tried to experience endurance to each other and to our modes of production by intervening in the works we created by changing, transforming and distorting them. Our goal was basically to interpret the time in which the phenomenon took place and to narrate the experience of tolerating the other by pushing the limits of the self.

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