Residence Conditions  


sub proposes a structuring that adopts ecological sustainability in city life as a multifunctional field. We try not to produce as much garbage as possible, and to transform our organic wastes into fertilizers for use in the garden, but we do not use chemical cleaners to disrupt the soil structure because the waste water is transferred to the garden.  



Internet, electricity, hot / cold water, printer, scanner, screen / beamer, sewing machine  



Water, washbasin, refrigerator, kettle, oven, stove, french press, filter coffee machine, popcorn machine, teapot, mug and cups, plates, cutlery, knives, spoons, pots are available. Do not hesitate to use the kitchen as you wish. Water, salt, legumes, seeds, teas, coffee and fruit / vegetables, especially vegan foods with vegetable we have.  


We provide two meals and snacks.


Dry toilet   

Two types of toilets -as liquid and solid- are used at sub, which is not typical as we experience much in city life.  


When the liquid toilet we use is filled it's 25 liter tank. It is buried in the garden with other organic waste such as carbons (ash, paper and so on) so that the soil is fertilized with urine, which is an intense source of hydrogen, and the wastes are evaluated without the use of water while helping to establish the balance of the soil.


Dry toilet is a method that we have been using since 2017 and we would like to point out that there is no risk in terms of health and hygiene.

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Sosyal Medya


sub's supported under SAHA Association's ''Art Initiatives Sustainability Fund 2019 - 2020''

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