Spring Season Opening: Curriculum Vitae

10 April 2019

sub is opened its spring program on April 10, 2019 with a group exhibition that will take place within the scope of the open call ‘Curriculum Vitae’: The open call aims to deliver the applications from different disciplines directly to the audience without a ‘selective team’. ‘Curriculum Vitae’ will meet the audience with the exhibition and parallel events that will continue until April 20, and a program held throughout the month.


'Curriculum Vitae', abbreviated as CV, means 'the course of life' in Latin. Nowadays, CV became a brief written description of the education, qualifications, previous work and sometimes personal interests compiled when applying for a place.


With ‘Curriculum Vitae’, sub proposes participants to share their alternative CVs that bring this commonly used format up for discussion, aiming to render all works answering this question visible.


The works presented in the exhibition offer alternative resumes through different mediums. Works on paper that deconstruct the resume format, as well as videos, installations and paintings referring to the social ‘curriculum vitae’ and discussing the subject can be seen at sub until April 20.

London based artist Martin Kellet’s ‘ghost writer’ posters installed in sub and Çanakkale streets, Ankara - Istanbul based Açık Alan’s Kıvanç Sert’s installation produced in ‘sub’ as a continuation of his performance in Vienna, Hilal Bozok’s installation and video works dealing with her diabetic condition, Istanbul based queer artist and activist Özgürcan Taşçı’s artist book and painting ‘Altın Günü’, Çanakkale based Rümeysa Şen’s self-portraits, Kerem Paspal and Ömer Akif Yeldan’s installations, Hilal Can’s artist book as an alternative CV, Volkan Şenozan’s video-collage ‘I ❤ my money. Money is my life’ made with found office videos, Ayçe Duran’s ‘INFINITY, infinity’, Hamburg based Sarah Drath’s ‘I’M GOOD’ shot in an outdoor gym in Los Angeles, Merve Vural’s ‘synthetic interview ’, Ece Ezer’s ‘Curriculum Vitae’ and Kadir Kayserilioğlu’s ‘Automat’ videos; Elif Büyükdeğerli, Yunus Ak, Eren Burhan and Selver Yıldırım’s ‘alternative CVs’; Emin Yu’s sound installation; Canada based Ryan Josey’s performance presentation that will take place in Halifax under ‘CV’ open call; Netherlands based Aurilien Potier’s proposal that examines constructed CV format and the power system it represents; Istanbul based Özgenur Geris and Uğur Bişirici’s and all of the applicants’ CVs and proposals (upon consent) can be seen in sub until April 20.

Many thanks Mahal and Ezgi Yurteri for their contributions.

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sub's supported under SAHA Association's ''Art Initiatives Sustainability Fund 2019 - 2020''

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