Operating since April 2017 in a multicultural neighborhood of Çanakkale, sub materialized as a roof propped over the scaffolding between neighboring buildings. A studio for collaboration, residence and exhibition, sub aims to create an alternative and safe space where young people can find inspiration and motivation to creatively and freely reflect. 


sub proposes open-to-contact, transparent structuring based on collaboration with researchers, writers, photographers, artists and curators who would like to interact with the audience and seek to explore new channels in the social circulation of art. Open to anyone who thinks about, talks about and wants to discuss the present, sub aims to devise interaction opportunities and insight on what is happening outside of the city limits to contribute to the contemporary arts and culture scene in Çanakkale.

Let's let you know

Sosyal Medya


sub's supported under SAHA Association's ''Art Initiatives Sustainability Fund 2019 - 2020''

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