Functioning since April 2017 in Çanakkale, the intercultural structure, studio, residence and exhibition space sub hosted RJNR, funded by La Route Des Defis from Belgium.


The five-month art and culture project RJNR was aimed to create an alternative and safe space in Çanakkale where especially young people can find inspiration and motivation to creatively and freely reflect on the contemporary issues that surround themselves. In 2019, the project continues as RJNR2, which adopts the dynamics of RJNR.

This six-month project, which will take place in two parts under the roof of the non-commercial and independent space sub, is open to everyone who wants to think and discuss, with the aim of creating liveliness within local contemporary art scene, networking opportunities and insight on what is happening outside of the city limits.


sub proposes a communication-based collaboration for researchers, writers, photographers, artists and curators who want to interact with the audience and seek to explore new channels in the social circulation of art.


In 2019, the project is divided into two seasons as Spring and Fall:


For the Spring Season, sub opened its doors with an open call, resulted by a series of events that took place between 10 April - 17 June 2019.


In a spatial cycle, the working process starting from the second half of each month will be followed by the process of displaying with the beginning of each new month. The intention is to provide flexibility in working and exhibiting processes for those who will be part of the Guest Program.

sub is supported by SAHA Association within the scope of the “2018-2019 Support Fund for the Sustainability of Independent Art Initiatives”.

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sub's supported under SAHA Association's ''Art Initiatives Sustainability Fund 2019 - 2020''

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