Sebastiano Lorenzo Pala 

Day Off

An ’everlasting’ holiday, mocking the conventional ideas of working and resting, at the same time referring to the nation-driven neoliberal politics of shaping the mainstream consumption patterns.


The unconscious time of holiday also refers to the concept of leisure, and its relation to the current politics of time, energy, speed, productivity and efficiency. The autonomous body seeks to change a state of physical or mental congestion by displacing itself; yet, follows certain routes and partakes in the preconstructed rituals to rest or relax. 


The modern self lies somewhere in between the autonomous authentic subjectivity and the entities of the ‘objective’ world, fabricating and appropriating meanings. In the abundance of psycho-techniques of entertainment, it becomes harder to navigate our transient, fugitive state of being. The individual breath, no longer heard or felt, becomes disattached from the body, but also loses contact with others.


Inhaling and exhaling, a sort of collective respiration, brings us back in contact with the body. Here, the body, superimposed with imageries, follows tracks of tourist normative constructions on both real and fictitious panoramas. This covered, fragile body lying parallel to the ground is not in opposition to the vertical working body. Not indicating a gender or binary condition, it invalidates any dualities.


“Day Off”, performance, video-collage and sound installation by Sebastiano Lorenzo Pala, produced during his residency at sub, will be re-enacted in Moda Coastal Park on September 14, Saturday at 8 pm.


*This event will be the first occasion of a series of sub’s dissolution in public spaces in Istanbul during the month of September.




Moda Park

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